[Outer] + [Inner] + [Patch] Combo

Pre-order item / Delivery date, early October

Reservation period, until 31th July.2018[JPT]



A heavy fabric that followed the trench coat.

Multi layered silhouette with double flap.

Drop shoulder type for unisex.

A large hood where the space around the face is kept.



Mashed up MA-1 and sweat hoodie, Lana Torabishi's inner jacket



Iron on  Patches / 8 pcs


Model : Female[162cm] and wearing size Medium

Model : Male[181cm] and wearing size Medium

Design & Direction by LM7
Product Management by Mechikuro [MHz]




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LAVENDER QUARTZ / Lana Torabishi Layered Jacket [Combo] [Pre-order]

  • Medium

    [Inner] Length : 54cm[Front] 94cm[Back] / Width : 61cm / Sleeve length : 84cm

    [Outer] / Length : 92.5cm / Width : 65cm / Sleeve length : 79cm



    [Inner] / Length : 57cm[Front] 97cm[Back] / Width : 65cm / Sleeve length : 87cm

    [Outer] / Length : 97.5cm / Width : 65cm / Sleeve length : 84cm